Linux Console
Linux + Flightcontrollers: prevent modemmanager stealing your device
Prevent ModemManager on Linux to steal devicefiles
Taranis X9D plus
Low Voltage alarm on Taranis for 3S and 4S
How to set up a smart low voltage alarm for 3S and 4S batteries via telemetry
Drone Landingpad
Drone Landingpad
Today I received my custom landing pad. It is made of 65×65 cm truck curtain with metal rings in the corners to be able to fix them with tent pegs. [...]
HGLRC F4 V5 PRO Flight Controller
For my new racing build, I will use the HGLRC F4 V5 Pro flightcontroller. Product Specification: – STM32F405RGT6 master chip,8K,MPU6000-SPI [...]
RunCam 3
Banggood, I love you!
I preordered the RunCam 3, Bangood promised to ship it on 16th of April. Well, the shipped it on the 13th! Thanks Banggood, appreciated. Unfortunately for [...]
Broken Arm ZMR 250
It is broken
I was practicing rolls in LOS. This is the result of the second pack 🙁
Waiting for carrier
Back-breaking waiting…
I am still waiting for parts for my new racing drone Even though everything is perfectly in time, the waiting kills me 😉
Countdown started
During June and July I will spend my whole time just on FPV, Drones, 3D Printing (if the weather is bad) and so on.