Reversed Motor Direction

May 7, 2017 - Tech
Reversed Motor Direction






If you have the „normal“ motor direction, your props will throw grass and debris to your lens.

Betafligh motor direction

If you reverse ALL motors, then it will be thrown it into the side of the copter.

Betafligh reversed motor direction

Quadcopters use yaw to turn, so for a right turn it will speed up motors 2 and 3 in a normal setup. If you reverse the motors this would turn him right instead. Therefore the quadcopter would speed up motors 2 and 3 to correct it – this results in the spin of death….

So you have to inform the flight controller about the new setup. Betaflight has got a parameter to do so. Enter the CLI and type:

set yaw_motor_direction = -1

Save it and now betaflight will speed up motors 1 and 4 for a yaw to the right.

Why the whole thing? I tend to solder all motors the same way to the ESCs, so no crossed wires, it looks cleaner that way. Saying that you have to chose the motor direction in your ESC programming. If all motors are soldered in the same way they are all running either clock wise or all are running counter clockwise.

This can be done in BLHeliSuite or in Chrome BLHeli – Configurator

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