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Linux Console
Linux + Flightcontrollers: prevent modemmanager stealing your device
Prevent ModemManager on Linux to steal devicefiles
Taranis X9D plus
Low Voltage alarm on Taranis for 3S and 4S
How to set up a smart low voltage alarm for 3S and 4S batteries via telemetry
M9 Gimbal
M9 Gimbals finally arrived
M9 Gimbals arrived after a very long journey around the globe.
Drone Landingpad
Drone Landingpad
Today I received my custom landing pad. It is made of 65×65 cm truck curtain with metal rings in the corners to be able to fix them with tent pegs. [...]
RF Power Meter
Alternative to Immersion RC Power Meter
Betafligh reversed motor direction
Reversed Motor Direction
Reverse motor direction to keep camera clean.
HGLRC F4 V5 PRO Flight Controller
For my new racing build, I will use the HGLRC F4 V5 Pro flightcontroller. Product Specification: – STM32F405RGT6 master chip,8K,MPU6000-SPI [...]
RunCam 3
Banggood, I love you!
I preordered the RunCam 3, Bangood promised to ship it on 16th of April. Well, the shipped it on the 13th! Thanks Banggood, appreciated. Unfortunately for [...]
Broken Arm ZMR 250
It is broken
I was practicing rolls in LOS. This is the result of the second pack 🙁
Waiting for carrier
Back-breaking waiting…
I am still waiting for parts for my new racing drone Even though everything is perfectly in time, the waiting kills me 😉